Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hectic Days x|

Quizzes, assignments, projects, ELA presentation, TLE project. waaaa! We always have our meetings every weekends. And we're having our "gala" right after working the project >x] Tsk3.. But wait! Of course, I asked permission from my mom. I used to be a good girl. x]]

It was a rainy afternoon, me and Von were staying at the waiting shed (we don't have umbrellas x]) near the Ecotrend Subd 'till the rain stop. 20 minutes had past and it's getting dark, so we already decided to leave the waiting shed and ride a jeep. While in the jeep, an old woman approached me and said, "Teka Iha, at basa pa 'yung upuan." Then I wonder what she is doing coz she keeps on moving sidewards then she told me, "Yan Iha, pwede ka na umupo" with a smile on her face, then that's the time I found out that she swept the water using her pants. (awww..) It's kinda "siksikan" in the jeep and I'm carrying a 1/2 illustration board for our project and its hard for me to avoid it bumped by the passengers inside the jeep coz I know that it's really annoying :/ .And again, the old woman helped me out to hold the illustration board. Isn't she so kind? o:-)

While at the jeep, I text my mom to fetch me at Mcdo coz the rain is getting harder and harder. So while at the Mcdo I'm waiting for my mom to come over and a little boy is asking for money and it's really annoying! "Pahingi ako buong pera. Dali!" (demanding) and he keeps on caressing my arms hardly. I'm not selfish or something, but he is so rude. I usually get easily pitied of the little ones which are the ones who are working to let themselves survive. But that boy, is really different. ~x[

After a minute my mom fetch me and drove me at home. And that ends my day. =p.
I was really totally worn out that day. Watta day! (:[


  1. khet pgod cute pren nman poh. hehehe...