Sunday, August 30, 2009

Blah blah..

This is my first entry for the month of September 2009, and I've got so many things to say. :)) First, my dad came back home from abroad just a few days ago. :) Second, we watched Florante't Laura at SM Southmall last Thursday. Then third, my karma went down due to the inconvinience of our mouse [I'm talking about plurk] ~x[

Okay.. so my daddy is now finally home after working abroad for almost 9 months, having a vacation of 2 months ; Supposed to be, I shall be attending a meeting for our ELA presentation which will be watched by the DLA Las Piñas 2nd year highschool students [not sure]. But that was scheduled for the arrival of my dad, and I chose my dad over our meeting. :]

Last week, Thursday. We watched Florante't Laura together with the other sophomore students from different schools. It's kinda nakakailang because some of them keeps on looking at us. :)) Don't know why. First I thought, Ibong Adarna is way much better than Florante't Laura. The first scenes were kinda boring (: But I was mesmerized by Laura =)) She was indeed gorgeous! And then I started enjoying the play. :)) After the play, we headed back to school and daaarn. I was left by my service ~x[ so I texted mom to fetch me at the school but then she says, "Mag-commute ka na lang. Kakalinis ko pa lang ng sasakyan. Sa saturday pa naman na ang dating ng daddy mo." No choice.--Then someone told me that there's no tricycle at the "bakod" so I better use the other way which is the Camella way hahaha, can't explain. ;p So I got home at 6:30 :) Safe and sound. x]

Aaarrghhh.. I just reached the Plurk Nirvana, but my karma keeps on going down ~x[ So my karma is currently at 80.69. I swear.. once I've reached 91+ I'll freeze it forever and ever Hahahaha! And I'll never open that again. xp

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oyeaaa. It's finally over. <:p

Yey! The periodical exams are finally over! wee!
Daaang! Business Math and Math are quite difficult, but gaaad Biology is the most difficult among all, next is BS Math. >;[ Good thing, Sir Ronnie made the CLVE test more easier. Whewww!

Hope my grades will be fine.. *finger-crossed*

Friday, August 14, 2009


So today is Friday, thank God it's friday #:-S. Yeah, I know that I'm always loaded with school works, but this week was really exhausting ~x[ I always come to school cramming. :]]. but that's good. :)) I love cramming. >;] [Adrenaline rush]

This coming week will be assigned for our Periodical Test ~x[. Gosh! I left my ELA book in the locker. :/ No need to be worried. I'll just get it tomorrow in the afternoon. ;] Actually, I'm not really in the mood of updating my blog, I'm sooo sleepyy! I gotta go.. 'Till here.. Byebye. Goodnight. :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hectic Days x|

Quizzes, assignments, projects, ELA presentation, TLE project. waaaa! We always have our meetings every weekends. And we're having our "gala" right after working the project >x] Tsk3.. But wait! Of course, I asked permission from my mom. I used to be a good girl. x]]

It was a rainy afternoon, me and Von were staying at the waiting shed (we don't have umbrellas x]) near the Ecotrend Subd 'till the rain stop. 20 minutes had past and it's getting dark, so we already decided to leave the waiting shed and ride a jeep. While in the jeep, an old woman approached me and said, "Teka Iha, at basa pa 'yung upuan." Then I wonder what she is doing coz she keeps on moving sidewards then she told me, "Yan Iha, pwede ka na umupo" with a smile on her face, then that's the time I found out that she swept the water using her pants. (awww..) It's kinda "siksikan" in the jeep and I'm carrying a 1/2 illustration board for our project and its hard for me to avoid it bumped by the passengers inside the jeep coz I know that it's really annoying :/ .And again, the old woman helped me out to hold the illustration board. Isn't she so kind? o:-)

While at the jeep, I text my mom to fetch me at Mcdo coz the rain is getting harder and harder. So while at the Mcdo I'm waiting for my mom to come over and a little boy is asking for money and it's really annoying! "Pahingi ako buong pera. Dali!" (demanding) and he keeps on caressing my arms hardly. I'm not selfish or something, but he is so rude. I usually get easily pitied of the little ones which are the ones who are working to let themselves survive. But that boy, is really different. ~x[

After a minute my mom fetch me and drove me at home. And that ends my day. =p.
I was really totally worn out that day. Watta day! (:[

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Ako si Kristine Anne Candelaria
Ipinanganak noong October 31 1994

Hhmm.. Hindi kami mayaman, hindi rin kami kapos.
Siguro, tamang-tama lang ang estado ko sa buhay.
Hindi ako 'yung tipo ng ba bae na halos araw-araw bumibili sa Starbucks.
Parang napaka-impraktikal naman kung araw-araw mong gawin 'yun.
Eh ang mahal-mahal kaya ng isang kape 'dun. (Hahahaha!)
Hindi ko naman sinasabi na masama ang bumibili 'dun.
Pero masama din ang sobra.
Isipin mo 'yun? Para mo nang ginagawang tubig ang kape ng Starbucks. (Hahahaha!)

Masaya naman ang buhay ko. Simple lang.
Hindi ako gaanong maluho, dahil sakto lang 'yung perang pinanunustos samin para sa araw-araw.

Tatlo nga pala kaming magkakapatid at ako ang panganay.
Mahirap ang maging panganay alam niyo ba 'yun?
Na sa'yo ang responsibilidad.
At syempre kailangang ikaw lagi ang nagbibigay dahil nga sa ikaw ang panganay.
Pero masaya rin naman kahit papano. Mahirap din naman pag only child di ba?
Na sa'yo nga ang luho. Pero wala ka namang kasama kung nalulungot ka o masaya, syempre bukod pa ung parents ko doon.

Upcoming 2nd Year Highschool nga pala ako this year. (2009-2010)
Mga grades ko? Hmm.. Ayun. Maayos naman. Average Student lang ako eh.
Pero nagpupursige talaga ako para maging honor sa aming klase.
Gusto ko kase madala sina mommy at daddy sa harap ng stage eh. (aww.) hahaha!
Totoo 'yun. Kaya nga ngayong taong ito, pagsusumikapan ko talaga.
Gusto ko maging proud sila para sa'kin.
Gusto kong makita nila na sulit 'yung pinaghihirapan nila.
Housewife ang mommy ko. Ang daddy ko naman Seaman.
Mahirap ang trabahong Seaman ah, mahirap ang malayo ka sa pamilya.
Pero anung magagawa namin 'di ba?
Kailangan lang ng kaunting sakripisyo para makamit ang aming mga pangarap. (Whew! Lalim!)

Hindi nga pala ako showy na tao. Lalo na pagdating sa mga emosyon.
Gusto ko kase pribado 'yung buhay ko eh.
Pinaaalam ko lang 'yun sa mga taong ka-close ko.

Wala na ko ibang masabi. Pasensya na ha.
Pero 'di bale. Siguro naman tama na 'to para ipakilala 'yung sarili ko.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

There's nothing specific here..

Hhmm... just updating my blog. It's been a decade before I update my blog once again. It's kinda boring this summer, good thing I attend Scimath. I made myself busy, I made sure that my summer will worth my time. And another thing is that, we're not the type of family which loves going to outing. Let's move on to the next topic. Hahahaha! Actually, I made this article for nothing, and I made this account to be my "internet diary" Hahaha! Diary?! That's why I titled it as "Nothing but expressing thoughts" Actually, blogging is not really my hobby, but there are times that I'm really craving to express my feelings thru blogging. Actually, there are also bloggy thingy in our school, Of course that should be written, that's what we call "writing folio" . But still, it's totally different. In this site, I'm free from any topics to be written, unlike the writing folio there are assigned topics to be written.

Okay, so I have nothing to say. 'Till next time ulit blog ko. x]

Monday, May 11, 2009

Good Things Come to an End

It’s been a year after I have lost communication with my best friend. We could still communicate with each other of course (we’re schoolmates), but not like that as before. Unfortunately, there something happened when we’re still in our 6th grade, our friendship had a crack because of some matter. But what are friends for, if you couldn’t accept who i am? As the quote says, “True friends never leave you when the whole world walks away.” Now, look what you’ve done.

I could still accept the fact that you’re one of my friends who believed with those crazy rumors, but to backstab a person who is close to me, just to break our good friendship? Oh. *sighs*

You may say that I’m so over reacting with these things, you might also say that I’m a person with a late reaction, but it’s the only time for me to have courage to say all these to you. So if you’re having an idea that you’re the one that I’ve been talking to, then so be it. I’m very very sorry for posting this blog in public, but I still don’t have the guts to tell all these things to you personally. I couldn’t even look straight through your eyes, I have the feeling of being “ilang” when you were around. I don’t even know what to do when we pass by each other, I don’t know if I should smile, greet or just ignore you like nothing happened.

Where did our friendship go? I miss the days full of laughter, happiness and everything (reminiscing happy moments, huh?) but those were the days, the HAPPY days when things were still in a straight path, but suddenly the path became crooked. Ugh.. What happened? I didn’t expect these things to happen, to end our friendship just as easy as what you were thinking.

Before, I didn’t believe with the saying “your best friend can be your worst enemy.” But now, I strongly agree with that simple phrase with full of meaning.

I’m still not over with these things. I’m really sorry for posting this in public, sorry sorry sorry. I’m still willing to patch things up, but of course it’s up to you, if you want to make things right. I know we’ve treated each other like sisters, but that was before. I know that you’ve hated me just because of some “peer pressure”. It’s sad to know that you let our friendship end because of being influenced by other people around you. I know that we can still make these things right, but it wouldn’t be quite the same as before. I’m sorry to tell you this, but i don’t think that you deserve my trust anymore, I’ve trusted you before. I’m really reaaaaaally soooorry. :’-(. I don’t want this thing to happen, but what can I do? You let it slipped through your hand. I didn’t mean to use harsh words. I’m sooorry, really sorry. You don’t know how much I treasured our friendship. Sorry for being so melo-dramatic….

“We used to be best friends, we used to be sisters, and now we act like we don’t know each other.” **sighs**

..I’M SORRY.. Good things come to an end, just like our friendship..