Sunday, August 30, 2009

Blah blah..

This is my first entry for the month of September 2009, and I've got so many things to say. :)) First, my dad came back home from abroad just a few days ago. :) Second, we watched Florante't Laura at SM Southmall last Thursday. Then third, my karma went down due to the inconvinience of our mouse [I'm talking about plurk] ~x[

Okay.. so my daddy is now finally home after working abroad for almost 9 months, having a vacation of 2 months ; Supposed to be, I shall be attending a meeting for our ELA presentation which will be watched by the DLA Las Piñas 2nd year highschool students [not sure]. But that was scheduled for the arrival of my dad, and I chose my dad over our meeting. :]

Last week, Thursday. We watched Florante't Laura together with the other sophomore students from different schools. It's kinda nakakailang because some of them keeps on looking at us. :)) Don't know why. First I thought, Ibong Adarna is way much better than Florante't Laura. The first scenes were kinda boring (: But I was mesmerized by Laura =)) She was indeed gorgeous! And then I started enjoying the play. :)) After the play, we headed back to school and daaarn. I was left by my service ~x[ so I texted mom to fetch me at the school but then she says, "Mag-commute ka na lang. Kakalinis ko pa lang ng sasakyan. Sa saturday pa naman na ang dating ng daddy mo." No choice.--Then someone told me that there's no tricycle at the "bakod" so I better use the other way which is the Camella way hahaha, can't explain. ;p So I got home at 6:30 :) Safe and sound. x]

Aaarrghhh.. I just reached the Plurk Nirvana, but my karma keeps on going down ~x[ So my karma is currently at 80.69. I swear.. once I've reached 91+ I'll freeze it forever and ever Hahahaha! And I'll never open that again. xp

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